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A Thanks-Giving Offering

Meister Eckhart said, “If the only prayer you ever say is ‘thank you’, it will be enough.”

So in this perfect quiet moment, here is my offering on this feast day:

Thank You, Beloved, for the innumerable good and beautiful things in my life, the generous and fascinating people, the endless variety of color and music, the unseen hands helping, the benefits and triumphs. Everywhere I turn, everywhere I look, You have left me gifts that take my breath away, that teach me expansiveness and kindness and make me free. Thank You for the things that prove to me that life is beautiful and that this world’s natural condition is happiness and joy.

Thank You, Beloved, for the hardships, the sorrows, the times of loneliness and pain, the fear and rage, the injustice and cruelty. Each of these things has shaped who I am; has strengthened me and taught me compassion; has taught me what it is to be completely and fully present in every moment; has forced me to search for truth, and allowed me to see hidden saints among us. Thank You for the initiations I would never have asked for but that I have faced and come through, more than I was before.

ThankĀ  You, Beloved, for the mysteries and puzzles, the things whose role in my life I cannot understand or explain. These are the things that draw me ever deeper into the experience of this life, into the search for wisdom and meaning and higher knowing; they teach me patience and paradox, offer me adventure, keep this world always new and interesting. Thank You for the things that ask me simultaneously to seek answers, and to learn to sit peacefully within mystery.

Thank You, Beloved, for this life, and this world, and this Love that runs through everything like sun-warmed honey. Thank You for this moment, this breath, this pulsing heart, this self, this infinity.

Thank You.

Thank You.

Thank You.


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Where love goes, I will go too.

Lead me ever deeper into the heart of the heart, along the curving spiraling path towards the spark that is the secret soul of the world. I will follow your twirling steps into these woods and never look back. Lure me onward. The truth behind the symbol of the sailors’ death is that the sweetness of the siren’s song is the ultimate union with all things. To those who put wax in their ears there is only the horror of mortality and a loss of will, but to the lover it is the deepest instinct, the ultimate quest pursued without regard for the fragile limits of one incarnation, not a literal drowning but a willing sacrifice of ego for the chance to merge with the ocean of spirit.

It has never been safe.

I cannot keep up if I am armed and shielded. I must leave them behind, all the warrior’s trappings, the illusion of control; I will run to you unencumbered and bold, unhesitating, clothed in desire and with my face painted only with the radiance of your kiss. Love, I hold out my arms to be filled with you. Every glimpse of you (like sunlight through leaves) burns away everything that is not you. The cup does not shield itself against the wine. Fill me and I will never again be afraid of you. This self is fragile as glass, blown into being by unseen lips and made for you. When others look at me, let them see through this delicate life to the glow of your ruby heart.

My every step follows on the heels of Love. For those who are hopelessly, hopefully in love, the Beloved is everywhere. Everything is a reminder of this relentless passion, this infinite desire. Love, you look at me through the eyes of a passing stranger and whisper to me in rising storm winds. You are elusive as a hint of perfume and solid as the ground I walk towards your embrace. Everything makes me think of you. I save every moment to tell you about when we are together again. Everything I am, or do, or will become, I lay as roses in your lap for the light of one smile.

Ruth said, do not ask me to turn away from you; let me live and die with you, and call your God my own. Love, wherever you lodge, I will find a home; those who love are my caravan in this journey to you. The Beloved that sings in you is the refrain of my own heart. I place my feet into the shape of your steps, though they lead to deeper places than I have ever known.

Where you go, Love, I will go too.

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