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Back in the saddle

Hello again!

I put this blog aside for a while, not entirely intentionally, as I made my way through an incredibly busy several months. Much of that time has been great– I’ve been teaching, writing, organizing parts of events, doing some very exciting work! Some of it has been not so great; but then, I’ve never claimed that living a life devoted to Love was always going to be glitter and roses…

I’m looking forward to updating this space a lot more often, as I evolve its voice and style, and post things that I hope will be beautiful and meaningful.

I also wanted to announce that I will be teaching a track on Sacred Romance at Free Spirit Alliance’s Mythical Journeys event, which is a long weekend of very focused, intense spiritual work. I’m thrilled to be doing it, and excited to share the news!

Be welcome here, all, and enjoy!


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