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Soul-food Reading

My poor neglected blog!

It’s been an unexpectedly busy summer, leading up to a couple of big projects in the fall. I’m off this weekend to Free Spirit Alliance’s Fires of Venus gathering, where I’ll be teaching sacred dance, presenting a sensual puja in honor of the Divine Beloved, and co-running a Trance Dance for the spirits of love, beauty, romance, and sensuality as a lead-in to that night’s fire circle. Fun stuff! I’m looking forward to a weekend of intense fire dancing and spiritual sublimity on some of the most beautiful and energetically-charged land in Delmarva.

So for now, I offer a couple of links to some good-for-your-soul reading that I deeply enjoyed:

Tom Robbins on the nature and feeding of the soul (I love that nutty bastard)

Karen Salmansohn in the Huffington Post with advice on winning the “happiness lottery”. Probably not anything you haven’t read in many other places, but it’s a good summary of key steps to a happier and more soulful life.



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